The Future?

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The Future?

Post by Individual » Fri Dec 10, 2010 8:42 pm

Magic will re-emerge and become reunited with science. It will be more common for beings to be able to do things like fly, create light (rather than simply borrow it), and vanish or re-appear. Beings will divide and reunite (connecting and disconnecting from the nexus mind), and there will be no confusion about this. Beings will be less frequently composed of matter and more frequently embodiments of light, of information, traveling through the information highways with ease. All of the sense pleasures -- music, recreational drugs, sex -- will be replaced by a better technology. Little booths where you jack in to go for a trip. Is this life itself real or am I right now an extraterrestrial, jacked into the machine, along for a ride, forgetting myself for the sake of a fun game? The earth will divide either by meiosis or mitosis. Perhaps one child will be Mars, and the other? A space station? The two would eventually go to war. The basis for war may be bigotry that arises between natural humans and the genetically altered, between natural-born and clones, or between humans and androids, or between humans and machines.

If this does not happen, humans may simply annihilate themselves by nuclear holocaust, biological warfare, global warming. What arises after will be a diversity of sentient creatures among which there is no clear hegemony because of the intricacy of their symbiotic relationship: anthropomorphic dogs and cats and dolphins, all with the capacity for language, separated into many different clans, all with names, like human families today.

If these animals annihilate themselves in the same way as the humans, robotic insects will grow in size and complexity, and this place will be a dead world of violently sexual interactions, as the drones serve the queen. Every morning, tendrils, moving along a series of rafters, will slide into your bedroom. The tendrils will fall from the ceiling and pierce your carapace, up and down your spine, with hooks extending deeply inside. You, with your 12 limbs (not legs -- they are all arms with hands), will be carried to your place of work, where your arms will pull many levers and push buttons, as information is passed back and forth between you and the queen through the cables in your spine.

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Re: The Future?

Post by ronnewmexico » Thu May 19, 2011 2:15 am

So which did happen I wonder....?
in this future so described.
I supect no answer forthcoming.
from this one derived.
"This order considers that progress can be achieved more rapidly during a single month of self-transformation through terrifying conditions in rough terrain and in "the abode of harmful forces" than through meditating for a period of three years in towns and monasteries"....Takpo Tashi Namgyal.

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Re: The Future?

Post by Huseng » Thu May 19, 2011 3:44 am

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