Garden of Flowers

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Garden of Flowers

Post by Individual » Sun Dec 19, 2010 3:45 pm

I once lived in a nightmare,
Choked by thorny vines called fear,
Taunted by the monsters that came and went,
Scaring me for reasons I didn't understand,
Not knowing they were like ghosts,
which hold no power over disbelievers.
But it made me stronger,
And eventually I broke free.

Now I am lost in a garden of flowers.
I pluck the most beautiful rose I see
And I retire to my sleeping chambers,
Gliding on beds of clouds,
Sirens and angels singing me to sleep.

I hope it is not a mistake,
That it is not simply a more clever trap,
A more devious way for suffering and ignorance to manifest.

For now, I am drunk on this joy
From being next to her;
Life could not get better than this.
Heaven seems worthless by comparison,
As if it were nothing more than a daydream,
Because what's in my hand is true:
Each moment with her is an endless joy of itself.

Once swept along by suffering,
Now swept along by love,
Hope I don't drown,
But I'd do anything for her.
In dangerous, deep waters,
She can use my body to stay afloat,
And maybe in this dangerous world,
She can give me a boost when I need it,
While keeping my ego on a tight leash,
Because I am just a dog and she is my bitch,
Or is it the other way around? Most likely!

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