A Brief Dialogue

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A Brief Dialogue

Post by cjdevries » Tue Dec 10, 2019 4:54 pm

I wrote this a few years ago. I still wish I could live up to the message better in my own life, but hopefully coming across this will inspire me to be a little better.

"A Brief Dialogue between Disciple and Teacher

D: I am sad today.

I have studied, meditated, and reflected on the teachings. I have practiced day and night. I have had glimpses of understanding and realization, but yet I am still so far from the goal.

T: Practice is the goal. It is the training. What do they say on commercials, after showing a fantastic new product? Results may vary? I think that is how it is. Like anything in life, if you are in it solely for the results, you will be disappointed because you will miss the beauty of the learning process. You won’t develop in a balanced and healthy way and you will always be craving for good results instead of enjoying the path of learning and practice.

When you fully uncover your enlightened mind does not really matter, you cannot force the timing. I think a real sign of enlightenment is acceptance and willingness to proceed even when you are obstructed. Acceptance of the obstacles in your way and commitment that you will do your best to walk the path.

I do not ask for your enlightenment. I ask for your dedication. Can you give me that?

D: Yes."

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