Where is my mind/of what use is the Bardo Thodol

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Where is my mind/of what use is the Bardo Thodol

Post by ronnewmexico » Thu May 12, 2011 6:30 pm


dialogue to follow.....between two friends, on the state of things that be.

Buddy returning from his journey far above and beyond what may be found in the realm of what may be described as ignorance by some, as that of the dammed by others, places his pack gently by Joe's feet.
Joe in repose, quietly acknowledges Buddy's presence with a wink and a nod.
Ah, My Buddy he says, as if waking from a deep dream. and to what end do you follow today?
None Joe, none at all, Buddy replies.
Well what then Buddy?

Well Joe, it appears real real simple and mundane, but here it is...

I wrote upon the copies of yesterday today and tommorow, crumpled them up and threw them in the river. Upon this river I did flow, up and down, beyond and before, abstract and real. Finding none as such, I struck at the heart of the matter, which turned out to be no heart at all, but sticks and stones and things of matter comprised, which I myself devised. These things derived, I then abscounded with the notions of things I take to be real, but find not. Such notions I then threw upon the wall. Dripping and falling from the wall they took shape and became what appears to be. Appearing to be, they then assumed the form of what was and will be, and nevermore shall be known to be, as they were....quite real, but not real at all.
Buddy and Joe then opened their eyes and envisioned what vision they did apprehend. That vision encompassed all that did appear, and became affixed to notions and concepts held dearly by those that did hold such things in such a manner. That vision did come and go, abide and reside, subsides and subscribes to no notion whatsoever, of things as being of any other nature composed.
So thusly did Joe and Buddy relate all is of the nature of thought, and all thought is of the nature of object and habitual formation of awareness aspect. Or succiently, as real as nothing at all. Such as thought, did come and go, and fly from one object to another did our lives arise and subside, and fly from one concept to another. As was our thought were our lives.
Only compassion, Buddy stated.
All in the end all we may feel, see touch, sense, smell or otherwise use to learn and know....is compassion. All mountains, rivers, trees, rocks, stones and dirt, of cause created, but of remaining natural awareness composed, as the notes of a song. And the song, the notes, the music being only what it is...... compassion only.
As all is, as all thoughts are, as we are, as solid, and not solid, water and dirt, and cloud and mist, is as we are. Our reality reflects but what our interior is, what we take to be interior. So we are as all is. And all is....compassion.
And as before, each sensation became a light, each light became a sensation, each smell became a touch each touch became a cloud, each cloud became a river, each river became a birth, and each birth became not a begining, but a continuance, of what appears to arise but with any ariseing is but subsideing. A ariseing and subsideing as only it may be.....similiar in nature and scope.
So all became to Buddy and Joe, as it only can be...compassion.
So unlimited, they became quite undescribable. And to all that may be described and the describers, they hold up to them, only.....compassion.
Buddy said these things in each and every singular aspect of his being. Whcih became as he was. And he was no more, As Buddy was no more. Buddy's city of past lives of course remaining, but Buddy who took these things to have reality and thusly being deserving of real feelings, real emotional response, and all that, was quite.......and long......gone.
Leaving only the city of past lives, and compassion.
And something that was called by some Buddy, but was not Buddy, not as Buddy was known to be.
This on returning Buddy did bring to Joe.
Joe grasped this with both hands, threw it up into the sky, and watched, as it flew, as only a eagle can fly, into the beyond.

To this beyond, Joe and Buddy.......... did also fly.

Going out there again Buddy?, Joe asked, from his meditative seat within the forest of unseen sights.
Sure am Joe,
What will you carry with you Buddy, on your journey, I mean?
Lots of stuff Joe, Bundles of hate and fear, pleasure and joy, desire and aversion, right and wrong, good and bad, pain and suffering, Bundles of stuff Joe, literally a very heavy load to carry Joe.
What will you do with it all, Buddy, on those mountain peaks, above treeline, where the sun in bright and the winds blow cold?.
Well Joe, accompanying me on my voyage is going to be no other than my companion...cause and effect.
On such mountain peaks will i subject each and every posession carried so far, with the aid of this companion. To find and study Joe, if any of this that I carry is real at all, or only as I suspect, not objects to be carried, but things of no substance contrived. Carrying no weight at all. In fact Joe I suspect what I carry and who does the carrying is but of the same nature derived. I may in fact choose Joe to leave these things on that mountain peak.
And what will enable you to do such a thing Buddy........ Cause and effect?
Cause and effect Joe, with awareness employed. As awareness may become aware of what is other but also of what is same; as that which is being aware may know not only what is perceives but what is perceiver, though study may prove both to be of the same nature; that is how I will conduct mayself. As I watch from the heights of desire employed, to find such is no height at all Joe, Vacant and empty of nature.
As a remedy of sorts Buddy?
No Joe, as a means to a end. These things employed so their nature may be examined.When nature is found, this reality will not cease, one however may cease to follow the call of its marching drum that beats, which brings us all to dismay. Leaving them to be what they are, not karma denied, but results only of the past and present city of lives. Such may I find these things, when I am done with them Joe. Done studying them. Leaving them to be as they are, part of the city of past and present lives. They may be with me Joe, but I will no longer carry them, which it seems is what I may do.
So your returning will I'd guess be quite a bit lighter, Buddy?
Suspect it will be Joe, suspect it will.
Will you Be singing mantra to spirits that habitate such places Buddy(see unseen sight post)?
Yes I will Joe, as these mantras speak of only one thing, awareness and emptiness in consort, suchly will I employe these means for myself and what may be other beings, fi they are so inclined.
It will be fortuitous Buddy.....make haste the world is on fire.
Yes, burning it is Joe, will such fire be shaken and ripped from its fuel, the past present and future may attest, I make no claims on these things, Joe, I will only abide.
And such cause was present, that did present as Buddy, on mountain peak singing mantra songs, and studying what is and what is not. And Buddy's breath it did become a wind.
Such cause was presented, such effect was realized.
Did such breaths wind blowing effect a change in what is or known to be as things are?
Well Joe and Buddy do attest....as they spring from star to earth,, mist to cloud, cloud to rain, rain to brook, brook to stream, stream to river, river to sea, sea to ocean.....
It cannot be otherwise.
A flash of crimson, incredibly bright is seen by those who have eyes to see, enveloping all; which can only be seen to be, effecting a change on all that appears to be. Those that do not see, they feel a small breeze that caresses their bodies, and leaves them senseing; for just one moment.....not I and other, and all the rest.....not as they think they are.......

Buddy years ago, sat under a tree meditating as was his usual choice of activity, eyes firmly closed and mind quite in repose.
Joe happened by, performing his usual activity, spied Buddy, came quietly to his side, and quite forceibly pinched his arm.
Buddy yelled ... Joe, what are you doing?
Wakeing you up Buddy, Joe replied, simply wakeing you up.
But why Joe, it was so peaceful?
Well Buddy what did you see when I pinched your arm.....was it a light.
Yes Joe a light a bright light before I opened my eyes.
Well Buddy why did you not see that light before I pinched your arm, was it not present before as the recollection is now present?
Certainly Joe, I could have created the vision of such a light, the potential was present.
Well Buddy why exclude the possibility of the appearence of a light or any other thing, with eyes closed and mind quite subdued?
Well it feels quite good Joe, and also brings me certain things.
Things like seeing the future reading minds and those sorts of abilities.
Right Joe, just like that.
Well Buddy, excludeing any part or aspect of our reality through meditative means may indeed bring such things, but due to the nature of the means employed which is exclusion, not inclusion you will find it has no stability. They will come and go.
So Buddy, meditate not as the commoners do as a means to a end, but as the rulers do, to see touch feel and knnw of all that may be and all that may appear, the meditation of the conquerors. With eyes fully open and all senses fully open to know through them and this closest thing; this body, this mind, what is and what is not. Only then can you attain stability.
And the blissful feelings it brings Joe, what about them?
To seek or bring them closer brings one thing Buddy only one thing....bondage. This is how all are bound, to such. If they come let them come. If they go let them go. Only that way carry these feelings. They are quite dangerous if followed to where they lie. They are not dangerous at all if carried in this fashion, with no concern, for ariseing nor abateing Commoners follow them Buddy, theists and followers of heavenly gates and such, who wish for salvation and godlike states. States of no means or end, no produceing cause for compassionate action, Buddy. Those types of people, not us. This is not our path. Our's is the royal path Buddy. We will find all there is to find, beyond such things as personal pleasure and pain, beyond the personal of all. With one intent Buddy, only one.....so we may then shake it all Buddy. Shake it all, for compassionate intent. Raising them from their sleep of pleasure and pain, I and other . So they may see. We cannot do that with eyes closed.
Joe continued...... And how will you go to face death Buddy, with eyes closed and mind in repose, perhaps dying while asleep? Take my word on this Buddy, you will need every single aspect of your knowledge and ability to use death as your means. Being asleep or half awake, certain failure and unfortunate rebirth. Being wide awake and aware our only hope for sucess.
And how Buddy when your arm was pinched was your response differing when in meditative state or not?
Well Joe, I could manage to remove the pain and just not notice it.
Like a rock Buddy? And then if you did such thing would not upon your awakeing from such state have the same exact response to such thing as before you went into such meditative state?
Well I guess so Joe, unless i perhaps maintained it.
Forever Buddy? Quite tedius would be such a endeavor Buddy, though I know a few who have done so. Upon death however they seem to be not able to maintain such states, and certainly upon rebirth they find they are where they were before they began that endeavor or even slightly before that. Or if rebirthed in such nonfeeling realm, do indeed gradually having no produceing cause for maintaining such state forever, gradually very gradually, fall from such state.
So in that respect it is quite useless Joe?
Usefull Buddy, but only as a means of training mind for what is. Training for the real work Buddy, that is all. A tool Buddy, nothing more.
Buddy so informed, did meditate with eyes wide open and did indeed eventually find that light present not just when arm was pinched but amazeingly at all times.
And this did indeed become Buddy's usual choice of activity, a meditation he could bring to all he did feel touch sense or smell. a meditation he could employee in all he did do or not do. With eyes wide open, not shut for a second, even when in sleep employed.
This became the only meditation Joe and Buddy did know, a royal meditation of great worth.
Thusly enveloped it did become as they did see things, not a shread nor hair of seperation in such things they did encounter. Eyes open or shut became eyes always on. as they became always on.
Joe and Buddy, many years ago.

Much use seemingly...and absolutely nowhere
nowhere.....to be found.
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"This order considers that progress can be achieved more rapidly during a single month of self-transformation through terrifying conditions in rough terrain and in "the abode of harmful forces" than through meditating for a period of three years in towns and monasteries"....Takpo Tashi Namgyal.

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