Plane walkers

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Plane walkers

Post by ronnewmexico » Sat May 14, 2011 10:51 pm

Imagine this story....

Wakeing up years ago from a mighty clamitous event of a conscious nature. Consciousness being precipitated always not thtough some action of its own but through it being precipitated by circumstance. Finding that the state or plane of existance one found oneself in was almost the same as the preceeding one but with nuances changes of what may be described as flavor. Ultimately one of course being not present but retention of information leading one with retentive aspect to establish a continum for purposes of understanding.
Not to say that dramatically differing planes of existance do not exist but just that the ones closest to one may be very very similiar.

The planes of existance perhaps being similiar to the tree rings on a tree. Gigantic however beyond measure. One tree ring after another studied found to have a very similiar presentation for most actualities excepting perhaps clamitious events such as fire breakage by wind or some such....pretty much the same just growing ever so slightly one after another. Each one on this particular tree however apparently having much similiarity at a particular time, but perhaps leading in dramatically differing directions. This similiarity being what makes possible this leap. At this time due to particular circumstance of consciousness effecting a leap from one to another such becoming possible. Not a conscioous leap but a understanding that effecting change to consciousness will for all intents and purposes result in such a leap.

So one found a billion year old tree with these rings. And as one consciousness changed in a particualar aspect one found oneself not in the circumstance of the ring one found oneself on one day but on another and another and sometimes upon the prior one and sometimes on a later one but all somewhat similiar but all somewhat different. The planes of existance found to be not linear seperate and small as we preceive them but as a tree ring one perhaps a second behind another and each choice in each by any of the myriad being effecting it resulting in a billion or so other possibilites that exercise themselves in reality,as planes of existance(Wikipedia has a good article on planes of existance and such things of potentiality).

So it appears consciousness change resulting in precipitation of circumstance that matched the change. Not of course by effort of consciousness but by circumstance eiiciting the presentation of consciousness. When such is changed the presentation of its presence changeing. As perhaps a one of great spiritual acheivment just disappearing from a plane leaving behind just hair and nails or something of that sort but a muddling or small way..nevertheless a change of place.

Glitches at first following the event of most disconsorting nature. Apparently characterized at one time by dopplegangers(not unknown by some philosophical theories of parallel universes). Imagine having someone meet one in a parking lot, a person one has never met. Imagine one then being conversed with by one that apparently was a good good friend and close companion. How would one conduct oneself...try to play along I'd guess. Knowing not what one was talking about but surmiseing it is best to not upset this individual. Imagine coming at night to a group of friends who looked upon one as one was from mars and eventually stated you had just been here, abeit in a apparently slightly altered state....but still you. How would one conduct oneself...stay mostly quiet I'd guess. And the dopplegangers....would they eventually just disappear beiing now out of place and times....shadows sad. Eventually probably just fading away.

Anyway apart from the glitches, minor glitches still presenting such as slightly different appearences at times, strange events and circumstances that match not perhaps a prior reality possibility but nevertheless eventually getting it.....this is how things are, this is what is happening.

One then attempting to change consciousness in subtle ways to present in differing circumstances of presentation.
Again similiar but different circumstances. Say one is emphesizing the fluid nature of then being found in a plane almost exactly similiar to another but with great wind storms that flow from place to place....things of that sort.
Waking up each day to say......what are the characteristics of this place. Am on in this one or in that one.
Is one the only one doing this sort of thing...are there others?

Finding strangeness of all sort depending on what changes have been effected. This particular one being most strange...people blowing themselves and others up to get to a place called heaven. People giving only the basest of teachings and hiding what is the most profound, when the opposite must be done.....a upside down place perhaps. People being stolen from in, killed by various means by their own governments. People found to have obvious lacks in ability to think things through. And on and on.

All that aside and being just one of many differing presentation all of course being not that all each could change from day to day and real change in any one seems not possible.....the karmic effects in each seem as drawn in concrete. And drawn in concrete such solidity of self no communication being possible.

Would one then ask not of demons or gods or humans who may pretend to be such but of another or others whose consciousness be not set in stone .....are you a plane walker to?
If you are what are your plans and where are you going?

In this creative writing piece it does not matter nor be significant, just another thing to do on another day in this particular strange place.
But it appears in this harm in asking.

What are your plans and where are you going?
To start it off....I am working on the fluidity of energy, and its various presentations. I am going to more fluid environments. I intend to add more of discourse with spirits of a good compassionate nature(some I hold samaya with) to add a bit of magic to the next presentation, and because I enjoy their company.

How about this creative writing piece where are you going.... what are your plans? No matter if there are no others. Not sad as one may be in a classroom with others to compare notes is handy but not very critical. So no responses are desired that are not what they be. In this writing piece it seems doubtful I will be here long.

Just piddleing along on a lazy lazy Saturday in May.
"This order considers that progress can be achieved more rapidly during a single month of self-transformation through terrifying conditions in rough terrain and in "the abode of harmful forces" than through meditating for a period of three years in towns and monasteries"....Takpo Tashi Namgyal.

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