demon be/goodby demon be

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demon be/goodby demon be

Post by ronnewmexico » Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:37 am

dreams hopes fears amiss
doing one thing and one thing only it required
No delusion no putting down or out of mind
no pushing away nor slipping by
no dream nor sleep

You who read this fully fully rubs off, it can't be otherwise
To live in biiss, in understanding, it is all that is required
As we are, are all things
and not a thing seperate is what this I finds and knows only as true
never can be seperate not a whit
understanding is compassion, not seperate, not a bit
bliss it is compassion, not seperate, not a bit
all things composite without a heart
all composite things blissful without a heart
as nail is to finger are nails and all things alive
as living only can finger considered to be
can only also all nail rock and tree be
as well
all things known and found, alive as well

So bliss it is demon be
no word can I speak to delusion break
as I am things are also
which is as nothing is, nothing can hold
what is real from realities grasp
Grasping at what cannot be real

WE speak from rivers flowing, eyes alight
water as attempts one does, to squash, does appear around that, that does so act
So that said demon be
know this one has escaped your grasp
water it only is and cannot be grasped nor squashed nor smothered in word nor deed nor concept
that be

as rivers flow and seas have tides
all is as all can only be
and this I one sees, can only be that
what is considered to be other but is not

so demon I leave the words and deeds behind
on the rocky shore of this reality, your ship by actions causes and effects, will be found to flounder
no act of mine nor deed inspired
wish you well is all i might
cannot however stop I, the implications and result upon what you take to be what is and is not
the thing of what is other
the complete implication of being with what is other
and has no being only so evolved

when one becomes enlightened it is said it is true
not the whole world becomes enlightened as consequence
well truly said, that it seems,
but know this also,
the implications of living in a way a certain way,
that has implications upon which no word may be written.
Effect it will have beyond any consequence of word known or concept furthured.

So this I no longer attempts to explain dissertate nor employ
only will happen is the living of conequence.
So demon be no words can I say nor deed can I do
to wretch from your grasp your notions so evolved
only this I can be.....which is what I am which is what is not
but can only be in all things evolved.

So this person so described in this story did write no more of things of this sort at all and did instead walk....
quietly away from all things of conception evolved. Claiming no accomplishment nor understanding more than a rock or tree or any thing evolved, this person did not look for more than what was....and the consequences of this thing....on this world of concept became quite outstanding and astounding.
And so he said to demons that be so evolved......good luck to you...change it is only what will change you..... furthermore and evermore.

No word nor deed will be furthurmore understood by you for what it is, but only is what is only you, be understood, in all things spoken and written, and seen and wrought.
Till if sickened of what one does, one thinks,one writes or one reads or one hears or one sees.... one has but one escape...the escape from me.
Till then consequence of effect will befall one
through no act nor intention of mine
a rubbing off it be..of thing unknown.... only.

Good luck to you demon be
see you perhaps if that be your fate
in another time and place
listen for empty mantra in your hearts blood veins and arteries which alight
with thought of empty being
and consequent delight

no ending nor begining can be
see you later
I suppose could one I suppose say only one last thing

see you later
demon be
"This order considers that progress can be achieved more rapidly during a single month of self-transformation through terrifying conditions in rough terrain and in "the abode of harmful forces" than through meditating for a period of three years in towns and monasteries"....Takpo Tashi Namgyal.

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Re: demon be/goodby demon be

Post by neverdowell » Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:50 am

Good work friend. I agree with the words.

To develop bodhichitta, which is the actual practice, you need to develop such compassion that you simply cannot bear others being tormented by suffering. But in order to develop this compassion, you must know exactly how you yourself are plagued by suffering. And you must understand that the whole of samsara is by nature suffering. But first you must fear the lower realms, for without this you will have no repudiation of celestial and human happiness. You must therefore train your mind in the small- and medium- scope parts of the path. -- Pabongka Rinpoche

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