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Postby Admin » Thu Apr 10, 2014 11:27 am

It has been brought to the management's attention that someone, potentially a registered user of Dharma Wheel, is impersonating various registered users including staff team members and has sent "signed" (offensive) offsite emails to a registered user/s.

To clarify:

    * Administrators and moderators use Dharma Wheel's internal Private Message (PM) system not offsite emails to communicate with registered users about acts of administration / moderation

    * All acts of administration / moderation such as editing posts, issuing formal warnings, suspensions and bans are permanently logged in the database

    * To ensure transparency moderators are required to CC an administrator when PM'ing a registered user in connection with an actual or potential act of moderation

If any registered user is not happy about an act of administration / moderation please follow the Terms of Service-Reporting Procedures where it should be noted David N. Snyder, the owner of this website, has the final word.

Following on from the points above:

    * Anyone receiving any offensive offsite emails "signed" by or claiming to be from any or all of Dharma Wheel's staff should immediately contact an administrator and / or the owner of this website

    * If any registered user of this website receives offensive or otherwise unacceptable internal Dharma Wheel PM's from another registered user/s please forward the PM/s (including the user ID of the sender) to an administrator

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