Addition to TOS re abusive language

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Addition to TOS re abusive language

Post by Kim O'Hara » Thu Oct 15, 2015 12:56 pm

The section of our Terms of Service - - dealing with Right Speech has been extended to read:
Be polite. Rudeness in any form will not be tolerated. As a Buddhist forum, we expect members to do their best to uphold the conduct of "Right Speech" as taught by the Buddha. Please read Right Speech and Enlightened Discussion for further information. Any member who is not attempting to abide by this conduct and is intentionally unpleasant to other members in public discussion on Dharma Wheel will initially be suspended to give the moderating team time to discuss if there is to be further action. Furthermore, any member who abuses any member of the moderating team via PM or email, especially in relation to a moderation decision, will similarly be suspended pending consideration of further action. Please think before you hit "Submit"!
Additions are in italics here to draw your attention to them.

We don't expect that the new rule will be needed often, but people can occasionally react angrily to having their posts moderated. That is unpleasant for the moderators, who are volunteers doing a job to the best of their ability for the good of the other members and, ultimately, the Dharma.
Moderators receiving any such abuse will forward it to another member of the team and ask them to respond appropriately, to create a circuit-breaker between the member and the mod who might both be affected (in different ways, obviously) by a difficult discussion.
At the end of the day members are expected to accept that the Staff is the Staff and any ongoing issues about moderation have to be addressed to the admins.

for the team.


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