About Jundo Cohen’s participation on DW

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About Jundo Cohen’s participation on DW

Post by Admin_PC » Thu Apr 14, 2016 4:26 am

Jundo Cohen was a member of Dharma Wheel some time ago but the relationship between him and the (then) admin team broke down and his involvement ceased. In September of last year he was invited to return, primarily in an attempt to boost the activity of the Zen forum. It did that but, unfortunately, history repeated itself. Despite considerable efforts, we on the admin team were unable to maintain a harmonious relationship between ourselves, Jundo and other members.

There is no real point in trying to analyse all our failures but it is important to note that they were not all on one side.

In any event, Jundo has now left DW again, for the foreseeable future. It is no secret that the final decision on that was ours and phrased as a permanent ban, but we regret that it had to happen and, for the sake of harmony here, we would like to move on as quickly as possible.

In particular, we want to avoid continued discussion here of Jundo as a person or as a teacher. In the first place, it’s unfair since he can’t respond. In the second, it doesn’t help anyone and in fact it distracts us from our primary purpose, which is to discuss the dharma.

With that in mind, we will remove without further notice any new posts critical of Jundo and any threads at all which are primarily about him.

Please contact Admin by PM if you feel anything more needs to said.
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