Form of Guru Tragphur/Dragphur ?

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Form of Guru Tragphur/Dragphur ?

Post by Reibeam » Wed Apr 02, 2014 4:31 am

Hello All,

This is my first post. So first, thanks for being here and thanks for having me!

I am trying to accurately identify this Buddha sculpture from Nepal. It's cast iron and beautifully made. Like Guru Dragphur this piece has Garuda wings, horse head, two arms, and Kilaya base, but the three faces are what make it hard to place. There is a Garuda Kilaya that has three faces and two arms, but with that form the kila base should have six blades and the faces would not be that of a heruka.

See pictures below:

I was told that the vajra and the scorpion are not original, so it may not even be form Guru Dragphur at all.

Any thoughts or help identifying this Buddha would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Also, does ChNN regularly give empowerment for Guru Tragphur during his retreats? I heard he often has given a lung for that practice at the end of many retreats. Or are there any other teachers that can/have given the Dragphur practice ? I am really interested in receiving empowerment for the Tragphur practice to do in conjunction with Varakilaya.

Thank you all
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