Chakrasamvara text needed

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Lobsang Damchoi
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Chakrasamvara text needed

Post by Lobsang Damchoi » Sat Jan 24, 2015 5:19 am

Hi folks,

Does anyone have a reliable, clean copy of the intermediate Heruka Body Mandala sadhana by Trijang Rinpoche in English? And preferably not purchased from a dharma book publisher. (I'm trying to avoid the NKT translation and the Dechen Ling translation for different reasons ...) My own copy, which I obtained free from a Web site, is basically ok, but has some omissions, typos, editing glitches, etc.
I've had the Body Mandala empowerment. (I will cross-post this to Gelug section of the Tibetan Buddhism.)
Thanks much,

Lobsang Damchoi

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