Demon stuff

As Tantra often involves vows and samaya related to secret practice, this sub-forum has been created where Vajrayana practitioners can pose questions, and any of our members or staff can reply confidentially by PM.
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Demon stuff

Post by fatali » Fri Dec 11, 2015 11:32 am

i have a lot of problems with demons disturbing my meditation and life by infiltrating my chakras - most the third eye chakra. concentration and visualisation is very hard for me, since this attacks started.
i have enough siddhis to "see" them in the astral sphere, and the attacks have to do with the wrathful yidams, i practise. they don't like that. especially they come out of churches - for whatever reason.
yeah to meditate dissolve them and give me back more siddhis - but my question is: do any techniques exist to protect the chakras? i know, that it is possible to work with mandalas and protection circle, but maybe there are other techniques especially for the chakras.
the problem is: the more i meditate and i get stronger, the more the demons get bigger stronger too. so i have to meditate more, or find better techniques in this battle. maybe some of you have expierence with that!


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