How 'living' are the Tantric traditions?

As Tantra often involves vows and samaya related to secret practice, this sub-forum has been created where Vajrayana practitioners can pose questions, and any of our members or staff can reply confidentially by PM.
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How 'living' are the Tantric traditions?

Post by Isomorpheus » Sun Mar 13, 2016 1:57 am


This is my first post here. I have a quick question.

I keep reading on this forum the importance of a teacher, etc. This leads me to wonder which Tantric traditions are 'alive' and which are 'dead'. For which Tantras can we prove a strong lineage? To make it concrete I'll just name particular Tantras: Hevajra, Cakrasamvara, Candamaharosana, Guhyasamaja, etc.

I'm sure at the least there are claims of lineage for some of these, but what evidence exists?

Thanks for any help.

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