Seed-syllable for flame

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Seed-syllable for flame

Post by Palzang Jangchub » Tue Feb 21, 2017 6:03 am

In commentaries on the Kusali accumulation for the Longchen Nyingt'hik ngöndro, mention is made of visualizing a flame emanating from "the [vertical] stroke of an A syllable," which then makes the contents of the skullcup boil.

What is meant by the "stroke" or "vertical stroke of an A"? In the Tibetan they appear to be referring to an ཨ་ (like in the Dzogchen Community logo), but since Tibetans are known to misspell often, should it actually be an Ā (ཨཱ་) or an ĀH (ཨཱཿ) instead?

Does anyone know why one of these syllables would be associated with generating flames, rather than RAM (རྃ་) from the fire mandala, or the BAM (བྃ་) seed-syllable of Vajrayogini? Same goes for Tummo practice.

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