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Tantric sex in Buddhism?

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 5:07 am
by KiwiNFLFan
I am very attracted to the Tibetan Buddhist path, particularly the devotion to Tara. I understand that it includes some esoteric practices to help achieve enlightenment. I have heard that some of these practices involve sex. I have some questions.

1) Is tantric sex common among Tibetan Buddhists? Is it something that the majority of Tibetan Buddhist practitioners engage in? Or is it relatively rare?

2) In tantric sex practices, are people ever required or encouraged to have sex with someone who isn't their partner? The Third Precept forbids adultery, but I have heard that some tantra followers transcend basic morality. I am not currently married or in a relationship, but if I was (which I hope to be), I would not want my partner (or myself) pressured into sex with someone else in order to reach englightenment/a higher state of consciousness etc.

3) Are incidents like the one mentioned in this article commonplace, or are they fringe occurrences (kind of like the pedophile Catholic priests who give the Catholic church a bad name)?