Vajrasattva practice from "Words of My Perfect Teacher" - ¿¿correction-not-needed??

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Vajrasattva practice from "Words of My Perfect Teacher" - ¿¿correction-not-needed??

Post by Tirthan » Fri Mar 23, 2018 12:33 pm

I was recenty very surprised,
when I found -which I definitely consider to be mistake- that in the book "Words of My Perfect Teacher"
published recently in my country, there was mistake in the mandala of yab/yum-Vajrasattvas of five families.

I know that details of practices are not to be discussed here;
still, we have a PUBLICLY AVAILABLE text (an important one, I think)
and there is mistake that seems obvious to a ´seasoned´ practitioner
but may be quite misleading for a beginner
who wants to make his/her ngöndro
before having more knowledge about five buddha-families.
(I really think that consequencies may be quite heavy -
- at very least, people who discover the mistake only later
may (after accomplishing many mantras in a mistaken way) feel really insecure.)

(So I am using this Ekajati-day to point-out the mistake to perhaps find some more-less solution.)

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Re: Vajrasattva practice from "Words of My Perfect Teacher" - ¿¿correction-not-needed??

Post by Johnny Dangerous » Fri Mar 23, 2018 5:31 pm

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His welcoming
& rebelling are scattered,
gone to their end,
do not exist.
Knowing the dustless, sorrowless state,
he discerns rightly,
has gone, beyond becoming,
to the Further Shore.

-Lokavipatti Sutta

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