The heart space

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The heart space

Post by silvio123uy » Mon Jul 30, 2018 12:12 am

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Good eveningfrom Uruguay.

First I thanks for this important space.

I have a question that I share here with the interest to get different points of view.

In tögal teaching (Bon and Buddhist) “the heart space”, “the heart seed”, “the essence” and so on are pointing a deep importance of heart. If we compare the importance given to a person mind with the importance given to a person heart, this heart teaching have much more emphasis as a purer space. “From my personal experience” I find this knowledge very import.

The reality as I see it now is that most of the rest of Tibetan Buddhism teachings in same way (even into dzogchen) keep this sacred teaching as secret and retain seekers for so long time locked in their mind. They help the person delete some program installing others may be nicer but still locked in mind for may be years or lifetime.

Within “the heart space”, “the heart seed”, “the essence” teachings may be not every seeker will get the rainbow body and so on, may be not everyone will have the interest to go all the way but for sure whatever he get is pure and not artificial created. The most important we share what is sacred and he can choose with all mind stuff programing that he already know or to start to go deeper into the natural state.


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