How did Milarepa and Naropa feed themselves?

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How did Milarepa and Naropa feed themselves?

Post by Buddhist Prime » Tue Mar 27, 2012 3:18 am

When there was nobody for miles to feed them?

I think they used Generation Stage to generate some food,
kind of like how the Buddhist Monk Jesus Christ fed the 5000
with 2 loaves of fish and 2 pieces of bread.

It's an advanced practice of visualization techniques.
First, visualizing behind closed eyelids the object of visualization.
Next, visualizing with eyelids open in dark room.
It's actually a form of Controlled Conscious Dreaming,
which is why if you are expert in Lucid Dreaming,
this would not be so difficult.

Eventually, thru effort and concentration the object will appear,
but depending on how much doubt you put into it,
like OMG did that really happen? will determine
how long it's manifestation stays.
Real Faith is not questioning it, nor doubting it,
after you're able to hold the image for a while,
next try imagining what it smells, sounds, feels, and tastes like.
When you master these last sensory visualizations the object will manifest.
(first you have to achieve calm abiding (shamatha),
by proceeding through the nine levels of meditative stabilization.

Then apply this to the Visualization techniques as mentioned above and Whoa-la!
Presto, there is your miracle/food.

What do ya think?
Is that about right?
This could solve world hunger,
and sure as hell, interest people in Buddhism.
Can you imagine a College that teaches
Generation Stage Buddhist Cooking,
that would be so awesome.

Between the lines we are saying,
dependent on Jesus for Salvation,
or we teach you how to do it all by yourself,
and no more waiting.
Git'r done.
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