Generation Stage the light of Pure Land Practice

As Tantra often involves vows and samaya related to secret practice, this sub-forum has been created where Vajrayana practitioners can pose questions, and any of our members or staff can reply confidentially by PM.
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Generation Stage the light of Pure Land Practice

Post by Buddhist Prime » Tue Mar 27, 2012 3:27 am

From what I have gathered, Generation Stage is basically visualization.
Tell me if you thinkl I have anything misunderstood.
This is what I have concluded so far:

Going to sleep, dreaming, and waking up,
is no different than,
dying, intermediate state, and rebirth.

So train like you are dying, use what is familar with you,
dreaming but bring it to the waking state, how,
conscious dreaming, in other words thru visualizations.
Start with something simple to work on.

Continue practicing visualizations, until you feel the drop,
akin to having an OBE, where the body goes paralyzed,
to prevent the body from acting out dream scenarios.
Then in the Vajra body you can enter, abide, and dissolve within the central channel,
and chakra areas, you can also manipulate the winds/prana to go in the direction that you want it to.
Once this has been achieved you are ready for Completion Stage practices.

This is the basis of Generation Stage/9 stages of Tranquil Abiding.
Faith can only be understood when one has experienced doubt, and I'm not talking about normal doubt, I'm talking about when ya do your first visualization of a candle flame in a dark room with your eyelids open, after you have acquainted yourself with the image, and you actually see the flame right there, but as soon as you think, "Huh!?", "WTF?!", This is impossible?!!!, and then right then the visualized form vanishes, that is an experience of doubt. Holding the image without being blown away by the fact that you are producing an image from your mind that has manifested in front of you without questioning it is what you call "FAITH". Weak faith and the image will flutter into manifesting and back to nothing, Strong faith can hold it for a long time, and can progress to a well-lit environment. The reason for the dark room is to get rid of as many distractions as possible to develop the mind, now that you have trained the mind you can do it in a very distracting environment.

It's an advanced practice of visualization techniques.
First, visualizing behind closed eyelids the object of visualization.
Next, visualizing with eyelids open in dark room.
It's actually a form of Controlled Conscious Dreaming,
which is why if you are expert in Lucid Dreaming,
this would not be so difficult.

Eventually, thru effort and concentration the object will appear,
but depending on how much doubt you put into it,
like OMG did that really happen? will determine
how long it's manifestation stays.
Real Faith is not questioning it, nor doubting it,
after you're able to hold the image for a while,
next try imagining what it smells, sounds, feels, and tastes like.
When you master these last sensory visualizations the object will manifest.

Practicing in this way prepares me for Death, so that when it comes,
I can create the Pure Land of my Choice thru my Generation Stage practice,
and go there without any hindrance.
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