The unbridled joy of dogs catching treats

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The unbridled joy of dogs catching treats

Post by anjali » Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:21 am ... index.html
With the midterm elections now in our rear-view mirror, perhaps you need a break from the partisan bickering.

Or maybe you’re just tired of tragic news headlines and looking for a reason to smile.

Well, here you go: Bask in the joyful simplicity of dogs catching treats.

German photographer Christian Vieler has been snapping these amusing shots since 2013, when he bought a portable flash that allowed him to work with shutter speeds as fast as 1/8000th of a second.

He was with Lotte, his Labrador retriever, when the equipment arrived.

“To make her move and in order to test the ‘freezing options’ of the flash, I started throwing treats at her,” Vieler said. “Days later, when I cleaned my hard drive, I noticed how funny the shots were.”

That inspired him to start his photo series “Dogs Catching Treats,” which has already led to one book — ”Treat!” — and another planned for 2019.

The images let us see dogs in a new light, Vieler says.

“I asked myself: What is the magic behind these photographs? I think the expressions of the dogs remind us of well-known feelings like desire, loss, pain or joy. And that's what we normally don't see that clear in the faces of our dogs.”


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