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I suffer from violent migraines. I was first diagonised when I was 13, they came and went but came back with a vengenance last December. When I was first diagonised they were classed as "Severe" but they have got worse over the years.

My neurologist classed them as "Violent episodic classic migraine with aura". I was given preventatives which didn't help, the doctors kept changing my drugs and upping the doseage. I first saw my neurologist on the 4th of July and she put on onto Epilim. I went off this drug with the guidance of my own doctor on the 9th of August.

I was recommended an accupunturist who specialised in migraines. I went to see him for the first visit on the 19th of August. I have my third visit with him tomorrow (he is also a doctor).

My neurologist suggested that I keep an in-depth food diary. Using this diary I have identified certain food additives that I am sensitive too. These are MSG and its related names and E-Numbers and the additive Carrageenan. I do not drink alcohol, caffeine, coffee, or eat biscuits, chocolates, sweets or cakes. I eat as little processed food as is possible. I do not take any drugs for them apart from when I get a migraine. Though these are loosing their effect on the pain as well. I am also a strict vegetarian.

This morning my Dharma protector gave me two mantras to say, over and over again. They did help, easing the pain enough so I could get some sleep. Sleep is the only thing that clears my migraine. Though when the pain goes away I am left with post-migraine symptoms.

I am wondering if there is anything in Tibetan Medicine that can aid me.

Thank you for reading this.
Blessed Be,


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