Kukai on the Philosophy of Language

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Kukai on the Philosophy of Language

Post by kirtu » Wed Jan 22, 2014 4:59 am

Just saw an announcement on BuddhistChannel about a new book, Kukai on the Philosophy of Language by Thomas Eijō Dreitlein and Shingen Takagi presenting an English translation of some of Kukai's works:
Sokushin jōbutsu gi (Buddhahood Immediately and in This Body); Shō-ji-jissō gi (The Meanings of Sound, Letter, and Reality); Unji gi (The Meanings of the Letter H­ūṃ); Konshōō-kyō himitsu kada (Secret Gāthās on the Suvaṃaprabhāsa-sūtra); Kanén no sho (On Encouraging Those with a Connection to Buddhism)
Eijo is of course quite well-known in these parts. I was surprised to discover on Amazon that the first edition was published back in 2010 (?!).

Nonetheless this is an exciting development as Shingon becomes more known outside of Japan.

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