Ocean of Reason by Mabja Bodhisattva

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Ocean of Reason by Mabja Bodhisattva

Post by Nicholas Weeks » Fri Jan 26, 2018 1:14 am

This is a new translation, from Snow Lion, of Nagarjuna's Root of the Middle Way with an extensive (over 500pp) commentary by Mabja Jangchub Tsondru (died 1185). The main translator is Thomas Doctor, part of the Dharmachakra Translation Committee. The root text stands alone, and later each verse or line is commented on.

I am only 100pp or so into it, so these first impressions may change. It is an excellent, very clear and helpful commentary. Mabja's detailed outline is included, but not displayed in the usual indented lines, with italics and oodles of 2.2.A.b.x stuff. The outline has little boxes with text connected by lines; sounds primitive, but much easier to use.

The only small quibbles I have are the translation of almost every term. This would be fine if there were a glossary or the index had the Sanskrit equivalent next to the translated word - but neither is in this book.

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