Nagarjuna in China

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Nagarjuna in China

Postby Nicholas Weeks » Thu Apr 14, 2011 2:46 am

A very lame title for an important translation done in 1995 by Brian Bocking; text and commentary run to about 350pp, plus another 100pp of apparatus.

Near the end of Kumarajiva's life he translated Nagarjuna's Madhyamakakarika into Chinese, along with a commentary whose authorship is fuzzy, which seems rooted in the Akutobhaya. Whether the Akutobhaya was actually an auto-commentary by N. on his own work or another author (Aryadeva?) wrote it, the influence was wide and deep. Both this text, the Chung-lun, in China and Buddhapalita's commentary in the Indo-Tibetan arena were influenced by this Akutobhaya earlier commentary.

Just arrived today, so more comments from me will have to await further study. But since it has been out since 1995, others may have views.
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