Prayer to Orgyen Rinpoche

Requesting and offering prayers and aspirations for those in need.
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Prayer to Orgyen Rinpoche

Postby phantom59 » Thu Oct 29, 2009 5:32 pm

Embodiment of all Victorious Ones, throughout the whole of space and time,
Your compassion and Your actions swifter than any other Buddha,
You who vowed to care for the land of Tibet and this land,
Orgen Rinpoche, to You I pray!

I call out to you with my heart, with a yearning that is hard to bear,
Look on me, with eyes of compassion, from Your invisible realm of space.
Now that this final age of the five degenerations has arrived,
When local deities are usurped by jungpo demons,
Restore them to their rightful place, O Lotus Born.

When evil human beings, spirits, and demons are on the rise,
Encourage the good and urge them onwards, O Lotus Born.

When the dharmapalas forsake their sacred pledge,
Bind them with the seal of the samaya, O Lotus Born.

When ghosts of the dead, devoid of samaya, start to make obstacles,
Subdue such untamed spirits, bring them under your control, O Lotus Born.

When the minds of the living beings are influenced by forces that cause obstruction,
Separate them, and drive out all the obstacle-makers, O Lotus Born.

When damsi demons, with perverted aspirations, impede the teachings,
Liberate them with fierce and wrathful force, O Lotus Born.

When gongpo chiefs of the gyaldre spirits wreak destruction on Tibet and this land,
Subjugate them with the might of Your power and strength, O Lotus Born.

When the armies of neighboring lands take up weapons against us,
Turn back the turmoil of war and invasion, O Lotus Born.

When epidemics due to gods, rakshasas and mamos multiply,
Heal them with the medicine of Your compassion, O Lotus Born.

When livestock come to grief and farmers suffer bad harvests,
Grant us grain and resources and wealth, O Lotus Born.

When the vital nutrition of the earth is depleted,
And the spirit of abundance among living beings fail,
Recharge their vitality and prosperity with Your blessing, O Lotus Born.

Make the teachings and holders of the teachings
Spread and increase in number, O Lotus Born.

When I and others, bereft of Dharma, wander in samsara,
Lead us to the heaven of Great Bliss, O Lotus Born.

When our View, Meditation and Action go astray,
Make us realize the ultimate as our true nature, O Lotus Born.

In this life, the next, and in the bardo state,
Never leave me, but hold me with Your compassion, O Lotus Born.

When I face suffering or harm of any kind,
Let Your compassion protect me always, O Lotus Born.

OM AH HUNG VAJRA GURU PADME SIDDHI HUNG (recite this mantra 49 times)

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Re: Prayer to Orgyen Rinpoche

Postby Aemilius » Sat May 29, 2010 9:20 am

Om ah hum vajraguru padmasiddhi hum

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