Letter from Guru Rinpoche

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Letter from Guru Rinpoche

Post by Totoro » Tue May 29, 2012 2:20 pm


Can anyone identify the passage below? Thanks.
A message sent by Ugyen Padma Jungney on the 10th day of 6th month in Tiger year from South-Western land of Demons to Tibet... By the power of blessing of all Buddhas When there is peace just for a moment now All lamas and incarnations (will) go for fame and popularity Living (wandering) in villages, they deceive sentient being (People) With adriot talk trick and deceptive ideas they (will) take upon other‘s Possession (wealth/property) Instead of using wealth (collection) for dharmic cause, they (will) cling to it with attachment Monks will indulge in singing songs and dancing rather than chanting prayers Rather than engaging in virtuous acts of generosity (given alms to needy) they will wool for ways to snatch other's wealth Their behaviour (conduct) and costume (will) change to be that of anti-Buddhist ( Countries of Ja and Hor) Ladies (consorts/nuns) will breach their sacred vows with no hesitation Defying one's conscience, they will pretend to stick to the vow Rather than pursuing virtuous activities they will engage in adoring themselves with fancy clothes, ornaments and make up Women will (tend to) cause disharmony and divorce among married families (couples) They will outcast (send down) ones' parents against will They will discriminate even among one's children Defying one's conscience, they will have no regret and repentence They will indulge in sexual misconduct with close relatives Evil spirit being in human body They will toss dice, play filthy magic calling evil spirit and ghost They will drink alcohol, driving gods and deities away Because of these, Tibet will be lost to demons from Earth Tiger year Demons, evil spirit and harmful forces will prevail on in all directions These will lead Buddha dharma to its final threshold (to de-generation) People will use god statues, religious articles fro trade (as merchandise) As a penalty, all kinds of diseses and sickness will befall Parental wealth and inheritance will be sold to foreign countries This (will) degrade prosperity and cause flood and landslide Digging water source and resultant landslide will bring thunderstorm and hailstorm Trees (will) be cut down leading to poor crop harvest (yield) Robbery, loot and theft (will) cause (turn) one's destitute indulgence in dice tossing and spirit calling (will) deteriorate one's fortune and luck Smoking (will) lead to loss of protection and grace of gods (deities) Drinking (alcohol) (will) bring forth sickness, shortening one's life Poor sentient being of such final stage (to degeneration) When you have momentary peace, now Keep the essence of cause and effect in mind Do not forget to pray and pursue virtuous acts Keeping imminent degeneration of Buddha dharma in mind Do stick to one's sacred vow and dharmic discipline Recognizing real wander (prevalence) of demons and ghost Pray to Padme (me)/Guru Rinpoche Keeping the loss of Tibet to demons from Tiger year in mind Chant 'Vajra Guru' throughout day and night Demons will prevail on water in Iron Dragon year Two fold floods (water destruction) (will) take human life Demons(will) prevail on in wind, hailstorm and thunderstorm in Iron Snake Year This (will) bring death to animals Many unprecedented infectious diseses (will) break out in Water Sheep Year Alcoholics and abusive substance addicts (will) die of paralysis (stroke) Dice gamblers and filthy players (will) die of stomach ulcers Offensive and harsh speakers (will) die of throat cancer Smokers and tobacco addicts (will) die of lung cancer Garlic and egg eaters (will) die of sickness of contamination Hunters (butchers) and meat eaters (will) die of intestine and liver cancer Sinful and vile of that age (will) die of various diseases Degeneration of Buddha dharma is imminent in Wood Bird Year All demons and evil spirits (will) have favourable circumstances Chaos and disharmony (will) befall on the whole country in Earth Ox Year Most people (high and low) (will) get killed here The nature of "Samsara" is beyond the scope of words Should you avert such (bad) age of degeneration (darkness) Pray to me (Padma) regularly and continuously Chant "Vajra Guru" throughout day and night Should you revere the essence of Karmic cause and effect Follow this advice of (mine) Padma's Sticking to cause and effect, be generous to give (alms) Avoid sins of lie and false promise (oath) Have faith in and revere this letter of mine If you follow them (my instructions) with reverence All bad times of war, disharmony and diseases (will) cease to exist The world (will) have peace and harmony This letter of mine, Padma's If you read or recite it once All diseases, poverty and weaponry conflicts (will) cease to befall in this life You will be reborn in glorious field (heaven) in next life This secret heartfelt advice of mine, Padma's Simply hearing it will subside all evil spirit and harmful obstacles One's life longevity and fortune will grow (expand) If it is put on body, one's fortune and virtue will progress Ghosts and evil spirits can do no harm If it is hung on house (building), enemy of four elements (will) cease to (exit) subside It (will) avert all evil-spirits, obstacle ghosts and demons If one family has this letter The whole village (city) will benefit I Padma in this letter If you place faith in and revere it with little (no) discrimination I will inseparably (with you) over your head (like ornament) I Padma shall take care (protect you) till advent of Buddha Matreya (future Buddha) If you distribute (disseminate) it to at least ten individuals You (will) subjugate (overcome) all demons and evil spirits in this You (will) be reborn in the copper-clad (colored) mountain (abode of Guru Rinpoche) One who disbelieve this letter (contents) He (will) die of diseases, poverty and weaponry attacks He (will) be reborn at the bottom (depth of hell)…

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Re: Letter from Guru Rinpoche

Post by simhamuka » Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:34 am


That's a tough one.

Wild guess time: The tone sounds like The Life And Liberation of Padmasambhava published by Dharma Publishing. That's where I would start anyway. But it's a two volume set, so....
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