Ego clinging.

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Ego clinging.

Post by muni » Wed May 26, 2010 9:05 am

**By Shechen Gyaltsap Pema Namgyal**

"As a mental exercise to vanquish ego-clinging,

Recollect all the times you have been wronged.

First, think of all the obscuring emotions

And the notion that beings and phenomena truly exist,

Which create obstacles to the higher aspirations

Of all beings in general and of Dharma practicioners in particular,

And the difficulties and adversities arsing from these.

Then gather all of them with your inhalation,

Dissolve it into your own ego-clinging

And destroy the curse itself.

Gather into one essential point

A fierce determination to eliminate ego-clinging

Together with its antidote

And the meditation practice that averts it."

To know is to not suffer. As the source of pain by the five obscuring emotions, the eight wordly concerns and all afflictive mental factors is ego-clinging.

Clinging to an invented concept is making the narrow dwelling and painful frustrating self concern.


“There is immeasurable virtue,

In wanting to cure even the mildest headache of a single being,

What about wanting to dispel

All of the sufferings of all beings?”

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Re: Ego clinging.

Post by muni » Wed May 26, 2010 11:41 am

Ego is the official representative of Ignorance. Some concept is been frozen in the ever changing transitory appearances. By that my foolishness from this morning is not the same as right now. So good. But no me who can do or possess foolishness at all in interdependency recognition. Then being smoothly fades in dynamic processes, naked emptiness and no any imagination like Ego survives.

Some talk collection (Nyingma)about Ego.

White Lotus
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Re: Ego clinging.

Post by White Lotus » Sat Jun 12, 2010 3:29 pm

:namaste: Noble Muni,
even when the 'I' has vanished, there are still shadows of ego attitude. ego is indeed hard to vanquish.
with best wishes, White Lotus.
in any matters of importance. dont rely on me. i may not know what i am talking about. take what i say as mere speculation. i am not ordained. nor do i have a formal training. i do believe though that if i am wrong on any point. there are those on this site who i hope will quickly point out my mistakes.

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Re: Ego clinging.

Post by muni » Sat Jun 12, 2010 4:54 pm

Habitual tendencies, traces by believing appearances are there out of mind;
An empty me what is limited, categorized in contrast with others.
So misperception.

Indeed not easy at all. to remain aware and not dig in solidities can help to disolve the whole root of suffering.

All mind, nothing to seek elswhere.

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