Seeking material gain imprisons own mind

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Seeking material gain imprisons own mind

Post by phantom59 » Sun Jul 08, 2012 4:06 pm

Speaking to The Malay Mail exclusively in the lead-up to his much anticipated visit to Malaysia, Chetsang said, “All humans can peacefully coexist and progress together, as we are all essentially the same."If Malaysians practice kindness in their daily lives, regardless of its diverse races and religions, the nation has the potential to become a good example of peaceful co-existence."He said people today, whether in developing and developed countries, tend to compete intensely for material gain.

As a result, they tend to lose touch of their faith and respect for human values."These attitudes in turn make people selfish, ignorant and vain, leading to jealousy and anger. As a result, people end up living complicated and unhappy lives," he said."They will become a prisoner of their own mind. From the Buddhist point of view, this is unwholesome."
The solution, he said, was to live simple and to be compassionate to everything around us in order to achieve happiness.
According to Chetsang, parents should set a good example and educate their children in this regard from a young age.

He further commented on religious extremism which is rife today.All religions teach love, kindness and compassion he said, but added when used with distorted views and selfish motives, deep misunderstandings and conflicts among humanity will occur.“That’s where the suffering begins.” He said such suffering could only be stopped by seeking wisdom, peace, happiness and freedom, as well as caring for others."It is also vital for all governments to provide the best education for our children, especially environmental education," he went on to say, as it is everyone’s “universal responsibility”, regardless of background, to care for Mother Earth. ... d%E2%80%99" onclick=";return false;

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