Pearl Malas : The 14 Anis of Tsogyel Lhatso

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Pearl Malas : The 14 Anis of Tsogyel Lhatso

Post by phantom59 » Fri Jul 13, 2012 5:31 pm

Tsogyal Latso is the birthplace in central Tibet of Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal, the most famous enlightened woman in Tibetan history and the epitome of all the female buddhas. The Tsogyal Latso Fund recognizes the importance of perpetuating this unique sacred site of the enlightened feminine in the modern world. Our projects include providing stable financial support for the fourteen nuns currently living there; bringing them them healthcare and health education; improving their living standards through building infrastructure, and also preserving the sacred ecology and artifacts of Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal's legacy.

Tsogyal Latso is a revered sacred site for the Nyingma. In the eighth century, Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal was born there and a long, long time ago, it was the abode of Vajra Varahi and Saraswati. At Tsogyal's birth, a spring-fed lake spontaneously expanded in size and a naga chief offered her a pillar from a sandalwood tree grown with special elixirs. In time, the lake became known as a visionary lake. Both the lake and the tree are called la in Tibetan culture--natural forces that sustained and continue to sustain Yeshe Tsogyal's vitality and presence in the world. Hence the name of her birthplace--Tsogyal Latso, Life-Supporting Lake of Tsogyal. We should also mention the two springs that flow with her secret breast milk are banked with white flowers that bloom in winter. Unbelievably, all this has survived the trials of time and tragedy!

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The concept of the Pearl Mala came from a special request the nuns made for us to bring them pearl malas (prayer beads) for the pacifying mantras they are reciting at this difficult time in Tibet." onclick=";return false;

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