Retreat at Sangchen Rabten Norbuling, Nepal

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Retreat at Sangchen Rabten Norbuling, Nepal

Post by phantom59 » Sun Jun 20, 2010 2:20 am

Sangchen Rabten Norbuling (Great Secret, Absolutely Firm, and Precious Location)Monastery is located deep in the Himalaya mountains in an incredibly beautiful valley called Kyimo Lung (Valley of Happiness), near the Nepal-Tibetan border in the central Himalaya. It is known by Tibetan Buddhist spiritual practitioners as a Be Yul or “hidden valley”. Although the monastery is small, it’s untouched beauty and serenity provides an undisturbed environment for the practice of Dharma.

Sangchen Rabten Norbuling is a place of retreat, contemplation, and meditation, with awe-inspiring vistas, and many natural power places which are visited by Buddhists for their blessings. The monastery itself is on a small and idyllic plateau, crowded with wild flowers, rhododendrons, holy junipers and other pines associated with mountain spirits; wild animals roaming around within feet of a small meadow in front of it.

Sangchen Rabten Norbuling today continues to grow and expand. Currently, over 60 monks and 45 nuns reside at the monastery. Recently, retreat quarters have been built on the monastic grounds for practitioners wishing to do extended retreats.

Sangchen Rabten Norbuling
Ward No. 4, Bi Gaon
Gorkha District, Nepal
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Re: Retreat at Sangchen Rabten Norbuling, Nepal

Post by Gyalpo » Wed Jun 30, 2010 6:53 pm

Looks nice, may be next time I will visit it. Thanks!

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