Lama Wangdu Tibetan Healing Chod

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Lama Wangdu Tibetan Healing Chod

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The Chöd Damaru (Chöda) is the central instrument of Chöd. It is a sacred Vajrayana implement that—if made correctly—has extraordinary properties:

•It is the dwelling place of the divine feminine, the Dakini;
•It is itself synonymous with the enlightened forms of Prajnaparamita, Vajrayogini and Troma.
•The damaru is the sound of Sunyata or complete openness, a bridge that connects us to the essential source, the basis of being that is beyond name and form.
•It is also a unique channel for the profound blessings and power of the lineage and a portal for the mystical forces that protect the dharma.
•The damaru is thus the sound of the dharma itself and a proclamation of the fearlessness of the solitary yogin or yogini.
All this being so, an important and deep relationship comes to exist between the Chöd practitioner their Chöd drum.

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