Garchen Rinpoche Pilgrimage to Labchi Mountain 2012

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Garchen Rinpoche Pilgrimage to Labchi Mountain 2012

Post by pagmotrupa » Mon Aug 27, 2012 2:50 pm

'People who can visit Labchi are special and rare We have such a hugh population on earth but only a few can get to Labchi So for those who can get to Labchi they must possess great merit and virtues Without sufficient merit and virtues one will not be able go up to Labchi'

Simlarly during the course of our Dharma practice we should practice forbearence We must perservere in learning the Dharma If you feel its too difficult you want to give up then you will never succeed in Dharma practice So we must have courage No matter how many difficulties and tests there are you face them all willingly Everytime you endure suffering you clear an obstacle If you endure many sufferings then you will clear many obstacles So when you encounter difficulties you must raise your faith Marpa had so many disciples But Milarepa was the only one who could endure the worst tests In the end he was the only one attaining the greatest accomplishment

When Milarepa was leaving Marpa to return to his homeland Marpa bade him farewell and sang him a doha In the song Marpa sang " Through the persevering heart of Milarepa there will stand the pillar of Buddha's Teaching" This means that Milarepa was able to endure all the hardships during the course of his practice Therefore he was able to become the pillar of Dharma bearing the great responsibilty of preserving and propagating the Dharma'

His Eminenece Garchen Rinpoche ... -rinpoche/" onclick=";return false;

The first group of pilgrims left on July 5th The group consisted of Chime Dorje Tulku, lams from Jangchub Ling, Rinchen Palri Monastery,Rinchen Ling Monastery and Sikkim Anis from Samten Ling Nunnery and 8 foreigners including Vietnamese, Singaporeans and Chinese Accompanying them was a member of the Labchi Assosiation The hourney would take them one day of bus ride an three days of tough trekking in the monsoon season ... pchi-2012/" onclick=";return false;

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