Regarding Obsessions especially from Mahayana Buddhism

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Regarding Obsessions especially from Mahayana Buddhism

Postby GarcherLancelot » Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:25 pm

Well,some time ago,I read certain chinese buddhist text about karmic effect of masturbation,I think if not mistaken and if I remember correctly,it says that one might end up in hell for doing it,while I don't know is it real or not but either way,i keep on reading through related articles and one of them says somehting about "don't be obsess about 色相" .色相 can mean soemthing along the lines of "'all appearance of things" as a buddhist term or "women's beauty".I suppose the author is saying there are bad karmic consequences for obsessing about women's beauty in the form of masturbation but I am not sure does he include other things as well and I couldn't remember other details since it has been quite some time after I read about it.In this case,do you think admiring some hero ,engrossed in some activity would have bad karmic consequences(other than attachments)?

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