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Help required with personal difficulties.
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Need Help

Post by viniketa » Sun Sep 16, 2012 8:47 pm

I have reached a point in life where it is difficult, physically, for me to maintain my household. I have no close family. I am seeking someone who is firm in the five precepts and willing to do household work in return for a private room and bath. The work would include all kinds of housework, doing or helping with minor household repairs, laundry, and yard work (very small yard). You would need another source of income for personal expenses. The household is in a mid-sized town with local college & university, local shopping, etc., but no local sangha of any kind (although several within about 2 hours drive). Close to the Texas Gulf coast, in the USA. Personal references required. I am pretty laid-back, but used to being alone and have my own faults, although I have been celibate for many years, and will remain so. You would have as much privacy as you desire. Anyone interested may send me a PM.

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