Tsi Dup Yang Bod

Discussion of the fifth religious tradition of Tibet.
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Tsi Dup Yang Bod

Post by kalden yungdrung » Tue Aug 03, 2010 8:07 pm

Dear members,

Tsi Dup Yang Bod is an ancient energetic healing practice from Zhang Zhung, an aspect of these precious teachings is known as Reiki here in the United States. Where is Zhang Zhung? Zhang Zhung (also spelled ShangShung) was an ancient kingdom in central Asia whose area ran from eastern Iran into central Tibet. It is the ancestral home of the spiritual tradition known as Bon, and the people who practice it are known as Bonpo. They are a lineage from a Buddha who lived prior to Shakyamuni, which originates with Tonpa Shenrab. The Dalai Lama recognizes Bon as one of the main schools of Tibetan spiritual thought even though the Buddha of the lineage goes back to Tonpa Shenrab. Archeologists have discovered remnants of this ancient civilization of Zhang Zhung in the Garuda Valley in the upper Sutlej river basin west of Mt. Kailash, and throughout the Changthang. To learn more about this google John Vincent Bellezza.

When I received my Reiki II certification in Usui Shiki Ryoho in 1998 the instructor, Donna DeNomme, told us that Reiki originated in Tibet but the history ended there, that was as much information as I got. Its exact origin in Tibet seemed vague.

Chongtul Rinpoche taught this very special transmission of the Tsi Dup Yang Bod for the first time in the United States in May 2008. He will be back next year to offer more.

Best wishes

In Bon
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