Reoccurring Dream[LONG]

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Reoccurring Dream[LONG]

Post by kmadburns » Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:32 pm

I've had this dream 3 times over the past couple of years, it is the only dream I remember vividly each time.
I'm in a cemetery and it always starts with me going to this grave on the edge of a wall at a bottom of a hill. At the top of the hill there's a boarded up blue house and the very first time I had this dream somethings was in the house. I run down the hill and backflip over this grave into a different section of the cemetery.
This section has tiny square graves with skulls in between like a side walk. On the other side is a fence.
The graves on the other side of the fence look like an old Roman city and are covered in green moss. To get out of this place I must find the temple at the end of the Roman section with the word "Skorpios" engraved in a giant stone banner.
Inside is a house cat named Skorpios I stikes fear in me however does not attack.
The first time it was a group of cats.
At the back of the temple is a door I have to kick down. Inside looks like a modern day house. The windows won't come up and there is one door in the back of the house.
I Open it to find a fence is blocking my way out, on the other side of the fence is what looks to be Gravestones with Chinese Lions on top of them.
There is another door to my right that must be kicked down
It appears to be the same house with the same door and same windows, both houses are empty.
I open up the door and there's a big green hill with no graves.
I always wake up at this point.

I've been meditating on this dream and researching.
Bear with me I have a lot of information here and my own analysis of this reoccurring dream.
I hope to receive feedback on this post.

Skorpios is Greek for Scorpio, the Scorpian constellation.
Two stars at the end of the scorpion's tail that appear very close together, are sometimes referred to as the Cat's Eyes.

Scorpius corresponds to the nakshatras Anuradha, Jyeshtha, and Mula

Nakshatra is the term for lunar mansion in Hindu astrology.

Anuruddha, disciple and cousin of Gautama Buddha

Anuruddha was one of the five head disciples and a cousin of Gautama Buddha.

Anuruddha acquired "divine vision" (dibba-cakkhu) and was ranked foremost among those who had the ability. Sariputta assigned the eight thoughts of a great man for Anuruddha to use as a meditation topic. Journeying into the Pacinavamsadaya in the Ceti country to practice, he was able to master seven, but could not learn the eighth, which Buddha taught him. Anuruddha developed insight and then realized arahantship.

Anuruddha is depicted in the Pali Canon as an affectionate and loyal bhikkhu, and stood near the Buddha in assembly. At one point, when the Buddha was disappointed with the arguments of the monks at Kosambi, he retreated to Pacinavamsadaya to stay with Anuruddha. In many texts, even when a large number of distinguished monks were present, Anuruddha is often the recipient of the Buddha's questions, and answers on behalf of the sangha, or spirtiual community.

A Bhikkhu is an ordained male Buddhist monastic.

Anuruddha is frequently depicted in the Jataka, which describes the previous reincarnations of Buddhist figures. In the time of Padumuttara Buddha time, he had been a wealthy householder. Hearing one of the monks declared best among possessors of the celestial eye, he desired a similar honor. He performed acts of merit, including holding a great feast of light in front of the Buddha's tomb. In Kassapa Buddha's era he had reincarnated and was born in Varanasi; one day he placed bowls filled with clarified butter around the Buddha's tomb and set them alight, circumscribed the tomb throughout the night, bearing on his head a lighted bowl.
He was reborn in an impoverished family in Varanasi and was named Annabhara. One day, while working for his master, the banker Sumana, he gave his meal to a Pacceka Buddha, Uparittha. The banker, having heard of Annabhara's pious deed, rewarded him by helping to establish a business for him. The king, impressed, gave him a site for a house, and when the ground beneath was excavated, yielded much buried treasure.

The Jatakas refer to a voluminous body of literature native to India concerning the previous births of the Buddha.

Jyeshtha is the 18th nakshatra or lunar mansion in Vedic astrology associated with the heart of the constellation Scorpii. The symbol of Jyeshtha is a circular amulet, umbrella, or earring, and it is associated with Indra, chief of the gods. The lord of Jyeshtha is Budha (Mercury). Jyestha is termed in Malayalam as Kētta and in Tamil as Kēttai. The nakshtra is called honorifically as Trikkētta.

The moon in Jyeshtha indicates a person with a sense of seniority and superiority, who is protective, responsible and a leader of their family. They are wise, profound, psychic, maybe with occult powers, and are courageous and inventive. They may experience poverty and hardship in life and can be reclusive and secretive.
Under the traditional Hindu principle of naming individuals according to their birthstar (see Jyotisha), the following Sanskrit syllables correspond with this Nakshatra.

Mula (The Root) is the 19th nakshatra or lunar mansion in Vedic astrology. and corresponds to the stars in the tail/sting of Scorpius. The symbol of Mula is a bunch of roots tied together (reticulated roots) or an 'elephant goad' (ankusha) and the Deity associated with it is Niriti, god of dissolution and destruction.
The moon in Mula indicates a person who has a passionate desire to get to the truth and is good at investigation and research. They are direct, ardent and truthful and are shrewd and ambitious, but they can feel trapped and bound by circumstances and so feel resentment and a sense of betrayal. They can also suffer extreme reversals of fortune that may involve pain and cruelty. This nakshatra indicates some adverse events in respect of parents especially father. E.g. Sant Jnaneshwar.
The centre of our galaxy, Milky Way lies in this nakshatra hence the name Mula.

Cat's in Buddhism if I'm not mistaken are portrayed at reincarnated Bodhisattvas.
As I said when I first had the dream there were many cats, and last night there was only one.
Also as I said previously the cat creates a sense of fear in me, however does not threaten me.

My meditation has told me that the abandoned house resembles the moon, the grave resembles my mortal body, the house with the doors resembles the sun, the first door leading to mortal life, the second leading to enlightenment.

I hope others find this interesting.

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Re: Reoccurring Dream[LONG]

Post by Grigoris » Sat Oct 27, 2012 9:11 am

It's just a dream. The only meaning it has is that which you ascribe/project onto it. If you recognise its empty nature and stop clinging to the experience (the dream) it will stop recurring then it will dissolve back into its source. The source of all phenomena.
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Re: Reoccurring Dream[LONG]

Post by catmoon » Thu Nov 01, 2012 6:04 am

Post deleted at author's request.
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Re: Reoccurring Dream[LONG]

Post by T. Chokyi » Thu Nov 01, 2012 7:12 am

wrote you


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