A definition of "ego"

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Re: A definition of "ego"

Post by songhill » Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:12 pm

futerko wrote: Actually I can't find "self" in there either, although there is an entry for "I".

The point I was trying to make was about how Freudian theory was distorted when it became Americanized. In Europe, studies of Freud suggest that his idea of self is intrinsically interwoven with the development of the "social", and the idea of one's own interest in fact arises and is defined by one's relation to others.
The online Dr. Johnson's dictionary has a number of missing words, like selfish. I went to Google Books and found an original. I agree with you. I don't find "ego"to be the bad guy. It's really Mr. Id. This "ego" in Buddhism would sort of fall under the category of sakkaya: I believe I am the five aggregates. The moral/social, i.e., the worldly life is done through the sakkaya. One, I guess you could say, even takes refuge with the sakkaya. How paradoxical is that? because the sakkaya view has to be dumped.

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