Top Two Viewers Choice: My Reincarnation & Genetic Roulette

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Top Two Viewers Choice: My Reincarnation & Genetic Roulette

Post by Lhug-Pa » Fri Feb 08, 2013 7:25 am

The top two Viewers Choice choices are:

My top pick is My Reincarnation, that I voted for:


Now I'd only cast one of my two votes, and had I taken the time to see what Genetic Roulette is about, it would have gotten my other vote: ... until.html


(Genetic Roulette is free to view online until February 10th, by the way)

Activist Post wrote:Quick Topic Intro

Genetic modification (GM) splices and transfers genes between species which alters and mutates DNA leading to inflammation and more (below). Giant biotech corporations like DuPont and Monsanto spearhead the research, products, and patents. Two types of GM involve creating a pesticide built into the plant (Bt toxin) that destroys pests who eat it and one allows the crop to withstand heavy dousing of RoundUp herbicide so that only the weeds die. Monsanto also brought us Agent Orange, aspartame, dangerous pesticides and RoundUp, bovine growth hormone for cows, and more. They tout that GM will alleviate world hunger but you will see how that lie rests heavily on some of the world's biggest profits.

Some other subjects the documentary thoroughly explains:

What is the newly discovered organism in RoundUp corn and soy killing off cattle embryos?

Intro of foreign DNA never existing before that our body doesn't recognize. It creates inflammation, which coincidentally correlates to the spike in inflammatory disease in the last 20 years. Just a few diseases that correlate: auto-immunes, organ deterioration, rapid aging, insulin disorders, cancer, infertility, miscarriages, birth defects and more.

Can consuming GMOs cause genetic material to bind with gut bacteria turning our digestive tract into a living Bt pesticide factory?

Why did 93% of tested pregnant Canadians have Bt toxin in their blood and in 80% of their unborn babies?

Why are a startling amount of children coming to doctors with Leaky Gut Syndrome and correlating life-endangering allergies?

Why has it only now been discovered that GMOs can burst open pores in intestinal linings even though the FDA has touted it only bursts open insect stomachs as it's designed?

Biotech companies are allowed to conduct their own safety studies for approval - FDA and USDA do not test for safety but take their word.

FDA was caught lying when they espoused GMO safety (still do) but an attorney forced them to reveal 40,000 secret memos revealing the agency's own hazard findings. Michael Taylor (our current food safety czar) was heading the FDA even though he used to be a top Monsanto official. Other many, major conflicts of interest are discussed.

Why do autistic children respond so well when they are taken off GMO foods?

Why do swine who eat GM feed break out in rage and cannibalize each other?

Why do all animals instinctively leave GMOs untouched if they have a choice - even rats and pigs?

Aside from genetic modification and pesticides (which cause weeds to shrivel by blocking nutrient absorption), why is it best to avoid conventional produce and packaged foods?

Did you know that buffalo in India died just three days after eating Bt cotton? Why have hundreds of Indian farmers committed suicide?

What is the dairy cancer connection? Why is there now pus in store-bought milk?

What can we do to get GMOs out of our homes and bodies - how to we fight it on a grand scale?

What would really save the food and eco-system and end world hunger?
Comments on either movie, based on having seen either of them or on their descriptions found in the above links?

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