Padma Wodling Dharma Centre - Gyashi Puja 2012

Requesting and offering prayers and aspirations for those in need.
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Fearless Clarity
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Padma Wodling Dharma Centre - Gyashi Puja 2012

Post by Fearless Clarity » Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:19 am

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Gyashi Puja - 400 Offerings

Date : Sunday, 1st July 2012
Time : 10-2pm, 2-5pm
Venue: Padma Wodling Dharma Centre
Address: 6B, 3rd Floor, Lorong 7, Geylang
Contact : 9813 9462 (for registration)
Website :" onclick=";return false;

Please pack in an 'ang pow' for each person 1) hair strands, 2) a piece of fabric from clothing that has been worn by the person and 3) fingernail cuttings. For persons unable to attend personally, do pack a piece of dough which has been rubbed on parts of their bodies which have sickness. The dough should not be rubbed on the forehead or heart area
欲参加四百供养法会的佛友,请您准备并包装在红包袋里1)您的头发 2) 穿过的衣物碎布片 3) 手指甲。若不能亲自出席法会者,必须多准备一小生面团预先在家搓擦身体有病痛的部位,(注意:不能擦额头和心间的部位)然后连同上述物品一起送来中心。

Symbolism and Pacification of the 4 Maras :twothumbsup:

During Buddha Sakyamuni's time, the Demi-gods (Asuras) often attacked the Heaven of King Indra. With compassion, Buddha Sakyamuni taught the Gyashi practice with the request of Vajrapani to save the King. The king was freed from the Mara of the Death after he performed the Gyashi practice.

Gyashi Puja means 400 offerings puja, to pacify the 4 MARAS. All the obstacles that we had experienced were caused by them. These are Mara of the son of god, Mara of defilement, Mara of death and Mara of form which are represented by white, red, black and yellow color respectively. They symbolize the 4 types of obscurations.

Through making offerings of 100 lamps, 100 tsa tsa, 100 tormas and 100 human form figures, one would have pacified the 4 MARAS where one can be freed of the obscuration of knowledge, the five poisons, obscurations of karmic causes and the obscuration of habitual tendencies respectively.

:twothumbsup: Benefits: :twothumbsup: The sutra and tantra have mentioned that when one performs the Gyashi practice, it will increase one's lifespan and merits and purify one's defilement and sufferings. This practice is performed when a person is severely sick, has a bad dream, encountering bad omen or misfortune and anticipating bad omen through prediction.


通过供养一百盏灯将平息天子魔和净化所知障;同样的,供养一百察察(tsa tsa)可平息烦恼魔和净化五毒之障碍;供养一百个朵马(食子)可平息死魔及净化业因;供养一百个人身形像则可平息蕴魔和净化业习之障碍。


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Re: Padma Wodling Dharma Centre - Gyashi Puja 2012

Post by Norden » Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:40 pm

Thanks fearless clarity,

I've just found this thread through search box.
Do you know anything about the fingernail and hair that we need to put into the 'ang pao' what do they for? Why they like to use thing from our body part? Thanks.

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