Dharma Master Jing Kong's Activities

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Dharma Master Jing Kong's Activities

Post by jmlee369 » Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:09 pm

As far as I can tell, it seems that Dharma Master Jing Kong does not preside over any dharma assemblies. Does anyone know why this may be?

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Re: Dharma Master Jing Kong's Activities

Post by PadmaVonSamba » Sun Feb 10, 2013 10:31 pm

I thought he got knocked off the top of the Empire State Building!!!
Just kidding.
maybe this will help:
Lectures by Master Jing Kong

Master Jing Kong gave a two-month lecture starting on June 2, 1993, at De Anza College in California, USA, on the Amituo jing (Amida kyo, Amida sutra, the Smaller Sukhavativyuha Sutra). His lectures were recorded by Liu Chen-fu, and the Tainan Amitabha Buddhist Soceity compiled the lecture notes in book form and printed 2000 copies in August, 1997.

The main theme of his lectures was on compassion and the Smaller Sukhavativyuha, but in talking about learning, he cited other sutras including the Medicine Sutra and he noted that learning is part of the Larger Sukhavativyuha Sutra.

The Chinese lectures by Master Jing Kong (chin Kung) were compiled (1994) in four large volumes by the Pure Land Learning Center on the Master’s 70th birthday (1996). A total of 10,000 copies were printed in Taipei and distributed by the Pure Land Learning Center and the Amitabha Buddhist Society. These four volumes are Master Jing Kong’s lectures on the Larger Sukhavativyuha. The four books (Vol. I 710 pp., Vol II 660 pp., Vol III 738 pp., Vol IV 686 pp.) total 2794 pages.

Source: http://masterchensays.wordpress.com/buddhism/
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