Good night everyone

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Good night everyone

Postby headphonesOn » Mon Jul 01, 2013 12:05 am

I was looking for some information I guess is not that easy to be found, so I figured out registring in this forum would be a quite good solution.
My name is Roberto. Since many years ago I have been in touch with buddhism, but my "loyalty" has been in lots of up-downs because either I cannot find answers or I´m living this path on my very own. I live in norwich and over here there is a Buddhist centre where they do the Triratna way, and just don't feel my place there.
So I was wondering if researching which Buddhist tradition is more suitable for me and then look for people would be helpful or just wait for a miracle... :tongue:
The question I am trying to sort out is if there is any place where I could compare different traditions.

Hope my english is clear enough for you :rolleye:

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Re: Good night everyone

Postby lobster » Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:45 am

Hi Roberto,

Wikipedia and google will give you a miraculous amount of information about different traditions, as will non aligned forums. Did they meditate in a way not to your liking in Norwich? Apart from miracles, what are you interested in?

I am sure you will find what you are looking for . . . not really sure what that is? Good luck. :thumbsup:

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Re: Good night everyone

Postby headphonesOn » Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:54 am

Meditation is quite the same thing, here and there. The thing is Triratna Buddhism has only 50 years of life, is a very young tradition, and everything to me sounds quite non-diligent. Thanks for telling me, but wikipedia is very poor or at least not very clear about this...
What I am looking for is a tradition where I can continue my path and meet people to "walk" with.
Is not a very big thing, but unfortunately quiet hard to find.
Thank you for your help and hope anyone could tell me any other source (skipping wikipedia).
We´ll be in touch :thumbsup:

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Re: Good night everyone

Postby David N. Snyder » Mon Jul 01, 2013 4:04 pm

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Re: Good night everyone

Postby headphonesOn » Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:17 pm

Thank you David :)

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Re: Good night everyone

Postby Punya » Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:36 pm

Hi and welcome Roberto (or should I say Hola or Ciao?) :smile:

Interesting question. I don't know how useful it is but here's a comparison of the Theravada and Mahayana traditions ... rative.htm. Buddhanet has lots of other resources too including the Worldwide Directory.

I would say that if you not able to visit different buddhist centres in person then read some books by teachers of different traditions and take your time to see what resonates.
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Re: Good night everyone

Postby Grigoris » Mon Jul 15, 2013 6:23 am

Welcome Roberto! I am going to agree with "Punya" and recommend doing some reading to see which tradition/approach to practice clicks for you and then tracking down a centre based in this tradition or utilising this approach.

I have met some really dedicated practitioners from Triratna but the overall approach of the organisation is somewhat eclectic. This has it's benefits and its disadvantages.
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