"Kinsman of the Sun"?

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"Kinsman of the Sun"?

Postby Individual » Mon Nov 15, 2010 5:08 am

What's the significance of this label for the Buddha?

I googled and found this:

http://dharmafarer.org/wordpress/wp-con ... ddha-1.pdf
An often used epithet of the Buddha is that of dicca,bandhu, “kinsman of the sun” (D 3:197; Sn
1128; Tha 26, 158, 417). In the Sayutta, the Buddha speaks of the sun as paja mama (my child) (S
1:51; S:B 388 nn158-159), which Buddhaghosa explains as meaning “disciple and spiritual son” (SA
1:86). The Vimna,vatthu Commentary says that the sun (dicca) belonged to the Gautama clan
(gotama,gotta), as did the Buddha; hence his epithet (VvA 116)

It also mentions the fact that the sun is the source of all energy on earth. So, whatever deva governs the sun must be noble, huh?

Throughout all religions, we equate goodness and heavenliness with light, even in Buddhism. In other religions, there's lots and lots of sun worship. Even the Abrahamic monotheistic God is speculated to have originated with Amun-Ra, which makes sense, considering they came from Egypt.

I noticed I am particularly mindful and happy on warm, sunny days. :)

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