Bagyud Rinpoche Puja and Blessing November 21-26

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Bagyud Rinpoche Puja and Blessing November 21-26

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Event : Bagyud Rinpoche Puja and Blessing
Date : November 21-26
Venue : Palpung Thubten Lungtok Ling, Karma Kagyu Dharma Society, Melaka
Address : 2382-C Klebang Kecil, 75200 Melaka. Malaysia.
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21.11.2010 Sunday 8PM-10PM
Milarepa Belt Blessing and Milarepa Tsog Puja
22.11.2010 Monday 10.00AM-12NOON
23.11.2010 Tuesday 8PM-10.30 PM
Dharma Talk
24.11.2010 Wednesday 8PM-10PM
25.11.2010 Thursday 8PM-10PM
26.11.2010 Friday 8PM- 10PM
Dispatch of “Serak Demons Palace”

Milarepa Meditation Belt

MilarepA wore the meditation to recieve the meditation teaching and practice. The sacred Milarepa Meditation Belt carries the blessings of the kagyu Lineage and 3 jewels Since the secong Bakyoe Rinpoche Karma Choeying, the sacred ‘Milarepa Mediation Belt' has been with the Ripa Bharma Monastery in Kham; it can only be seen and touched by His Holiness Karmapa the supreme head o f the Kagyu lineage It was said that traditionally, whenever His Holiness Karmapa passed through this area in Kham He would make a special trip to Ripa Bharma Monastery to see the sacred ‘Milarepa Meditation Belt'.

When His Holiness the 17th Karmapa visited the Tibetan Refugee Settlements in South India in March 2005, he did the same and also conferred blessings ceremony to the villagers with this ‘Belt'. Further more, he gave consent to Bakyoe Rinpoche to take the sacred ‘Milarepa Meditation Belt' from the monastery to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia for puja and empowerment during the fourth quarter of 2005.


After the 7th Bagyud Rinpoche passed away, the 16th Karmapa Ranjung Rigpe Dorje wrote a prayer for the swift rebirth of the next reincarnation. The 8th Bagyud Rinpoche was born in the year of the Wood Dog (AD 1944). Even before he began to learn to speak, Rinpoche has shown compassionate qualities and possesses divine qualities like being able to read the mind of others. Rinpoche has left his footprints on rocks.

At the age of 4, Rinpoche was recognized by the 16th Karmapa and the 10th Tai Situ Rinpoche Pema Wangchuck Gyalpo. The name “Karma Shedrup Chockyi Senge Trinle Nyamgyal “ was given by the 16th Karmapa. Rinpoche was enthroned at the age of 5 at the Middle Rigpa Monastery. On one occasion in the Monastery, Rinpoche put his fingers in molten bronze and left his finger prints there. His fingers was not scalded. From 1948 –1950, Rinpoche studied in Palpung Monastery in Derge, Tibet. He took his monk ordination from the 11th Tai Situpa Among the Root Gurus Rinpoche attended to and received the nectar initiation, reading transmission and higher Tantric practices are from the 16th Karrmapa, the 11th Tai Situpa, Kalu Rinpoche, Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche, Dilyak Drupon Rinpoche, Dilgo Khentse

Rinpoche, Lama Tenzin Gyaltsey, the 4th Drugchen Rinpoche and His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama and many other eminent Rinpoches. During his visit to his native land, Tibet (1983 to 1984) Rinpoche visited his family in Khetsha Rigzin Gyatso in Lower Drongpa. It was here that Rinpoche left his footprints on a mounting block. Rinpoche left as many as 7 to 8 footprints on rocks during these two years. Till today, faithful devotes still treat these footprints as wonders of the 8th Bagyud Rinpoche.

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