HH Yangtang-Rin.-at-Shechen Boudha -Oct 18 or 24th

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HH Yangtang-Rin.-at-Shechen Boudha -Oct 18 or 24th

Post by oldbob » Thu Oct 17, 2013 12:26 am

http://shechen.org/2013/09/yangtang-rin ... ctober-18/

The Namcho (gNams Chos) cycle is a mind treasure revealed by the Terton Migyur Dorje (1645-1667) who was a disciple of the great Karma Kagyu lama Karma Chakme. It is the most important cycle of treasure teachings that he revealed in his life. For more information on the biography of Namcho Mingyur Dorje and the Namcho cycle: http://www.treasuryoflives.org/biograph ... Dorje/9190

The empowerments will begin on October 18th or 24th and are expected to last about 3 weeks. Please keep checking our website for further date changes.

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