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Post by householder » Sun Nov 03, 2013 1:19 am

I am currently reading Achieving Bodhicitta by Sermey Khensur Lobsang Tharchin. In this work, the author writes that Je Tsongkapa states that before one can really work on generating bodhicitta, one must develop equanimity. As I feel that the development of bodhicitta is one of my greatest personal shortcomings and weakest parts of my practice, I want to really focus on developing equanimity.

I would be really appreciative if anyone could suggest some online audio, text teachings, or books that specifically address the development of equanimity. I am familiar with the practice of visualizing and enemy, friend, and neutral during meditation sessions, but I don't feel that I have made much progress with this method and perhaps need more explicit instruction. I am not looking to abandon this method and plan to continue with it, but are there additional methods to supplement this method?

I am also interested in hearing how others of approached the development of equanimity in their practice
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Re: Equanimity

Post by futerko » Sun Nov 03, 2013 5:16 am

I would say that through learning to stay "centred" rather than chasing after thoughts and sensations, which at first appeared as a kind of selfish indifference, eventually gave me a place from which I could develop equanimity from.

This series of lectures by Berzin might help - Equalizing Our Attitudes toward Ourselves: Overcoming Self-Hatred.

http://www.berzinarchives.com/web/x/nav ... 95103.html
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Re: Equanimity

Post by muni » Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:34 am

If my mind is clouded by distraction, then there is a lot mind like and don't like and a lot what is neutral. Then peace is far away. I see only one remedy and that is to work on in order to be able to remain aware. The more distraction is feeded by own dividing mind and judgement, the more naturally awareness is hidden.

I think that in equanimity of mind the lover, the love and the beloved one are actually not some things which can be located somewhere. There is no division at all. This must be the case for compassion and joy as well, or there is a kind of grasping which causes us suffering. In that way actions by disturbed mind looks like intersuffering or there is "a me" suffering and so actions can harm "others". In that way I can understand when wise say that peace must be ones own mind. If I try to understand that by my conceptual mind, I enjoy soon head aches. But in awareness, equipoise or whatever called all dividing clouds dissolve.

That is the beauty of no grasping mind, the beauty of our nature in which no labels are.

I can talk about very smoothly, and even awareness is so peaceful and the best medicine to protect against overwhelming tsunamies leading to distructive emotions/ thoughts, habits can be strong.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5u6YrQgzto By ChiSing.
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Re: Equanimity

Post by KonchokZoepa » Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:09 am

personally when i read that book and instructions. its been a while, somewhat a year. sometimes i have equanimity and automatically love and compassion grow out of that, but my mind is unstable so i dont have equanimity all the time. and i am not going to forcefully try to have equanimity all the time. what this visualization can do when you visualize a loved one enemy and neutral person, is that with that you need to just relax and let go of grasping and clinging. with that comes equanimity. if you are trying to be forceful the only thing your gonna get is frustration on yourself.

and if you have aspiration to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings, that is aspiration bodhicitta, if you put that aspiration into practice, like seemingly you have, that is action bodhicitta.

dont believe that you will magically with that books instruction achieve the perfect bodhicitta state. it takes years to achieve it. take it easy and develop the 4 brahma viharas and equanimity, that will take you far, since bodhicitta is nothing but overwhelming boundless love with no division or boundaries and judgements, we dont have that even to ourselves, so we need to learn to be kind and easy going and relaxed. and not worry , be forceful and stressful if our aspiration doesnt match with our expectation. when we let go of clinging and grasping and rest in silence and feel the love towards all being , and want to help them. you are there.
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Re: Equanimity

Post by SunRay » Sun Nov 10, 2013 8:09 am

I feel that one ought to practice equanimity in life and actions. While developing elaborate and vivid hallucinations is certainly fun it is more beneficial to realize the practice than just fantasize about it. ...Reciting ten malas of six-syllable mantra and three times the heart sutra daily (taking refuge, generating boddhicitta and the four immeasurables , as well as doing the seven limb practice as a preparation) can be help to keep one's focus on the practice. :namaste:

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