It may seem selfish, but if it is possible.

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It may seem selfish, but if it is possible.

Post by Individual » Sun Jan 09, 2011 3:39 am

This is perhaps a strange request and I do not mean to be disruptive. I did enjoy my time here and it was of great benefit to me. The request I make is one that is often made by contentious people who, in fits of impassioned emotion, only wish to cause further contention. My intent, however, is quite the opposite: I feel as though any posts that I made here only caused contention rather than reducing it.

The request is this: If it is possible, I would greatly appreciate it if you could delete my account and all of the posts made (including this one).

If they cannot be deleted, please at least hide them from view and do not make copies of them.

Sometime, in the distant future, people may read these posts or copies of them (or images) that are scattered throughout the internet. I ask that you disregard these posts or any scattered images throughout the internet, not delighting in them or obsessing over them. If you want something to obsess over, obsess over truthfulness.

What do I mean by truthfulness? I mean being honest with oneself with what one does. If one is honest, there is no regret; things are done automatically, life works like it's supposed to work. Inward honesty is proper meditation: You investigate inside and see what's there, what's not there, and there is no confusion about it. Outward honesty is proper mindfulness: You look outside and see what's there, what's not there, and again, there is no confusion.

Thank you all and god bless.

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Re: It may seem selfish, but if it is possible.

Post by catmoon » Sun Jan 09, 2011 5:21 am

Are you aware that if your account is deleted, it opens the possibility of someone else logging in under your old name and impersonating you?
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Re: It may seem selfish, but if it is possible.

Post by Kyosan » Sun Jan 09, 2011 6:43 am

I think you can delete the posts yourself if you want to. If you get into the "edit" screen there is a box you can check that will cause the post to be deleted when you click on "submit".

I'd recommend that you don't delete all of them though. I'm sure you must have contributed many valuable posts and posts that have inspired some good discussion.

In cases where there is back and forth discussion between yourself and others, your posts being missing might cause confusion to persons reading the thread.

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Re: It may seem selfish, but if it is possible.

Post by Luke » Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:31 am


Why don't you wait for two weeks and then delete all you posts yourself at that time if you still feel the same way?

Your last grand declaration (that you were not going to post here for a long time) only lasted a bit over 12 hours. Why do you think that you won't feel differently about this after 12 hours as well?

In my opinion, you should wait until your mind settles down before you make any big decisions.


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