The Beautiful Sitatapatra

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The Beautiful Sitatapatra

Postby sraddha » Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:59 am

Namo Shakyamunaye

This is the Sadhana of the wrathful form of Kukarmo, the White Robed one, consort of Amitayus. Whoever does her practice will be reborn in Amitabha's Pure land. In order to conquer and subdue Mahakalas and Mahakalis, Shakyamuni Buddha emanated her from his crown protrusion (ushnisha); therefore her special activity is pacifying black spells. Her sutra and mantra emanate from the Buddha's ushnisha, rather than through His speech, and accordingly her name is White Ushnisha. The deity is classified as belonging to the Kriya Yoga tradition, but the manner of explanation and practice belongs to the Mahayoga. Great mahasiddhas, Dze Tari, Dorje Denpa and so on composed her sadhanas, which are easy to practice and this one is similar to them. Also, there is a Nyingma lineage from Garab Dorje, through Manjusrimitra to Vimalamitra. Besides, there is a Dharma treasure found by Guru Black Blood-Drinker (Tib: Trang tung Ngagpo). One sadhana lineage source is the 'Book of the Ocean of Sadhanas", and another originates in the "Book of One Hundred Sadhanas", both Sanskrit sources. In Tibet, one lineage originates with the Karmapas, Tongwa Donden and Wangchuck Dorje. There are others, but this is one of the correct Tibetan sources. This sadhana is epitomized from all the above. Why is it an attractive practice" It is easy to practice, and there are great blessings. It cures illness and pacifies harmful don (evil spirits which cause harm to living beings) and black spells. It stops all evil forces, and blocks the malevolent Tay Nin of "order to Bury Under" spell. All these threats are eliminate by her power, which is like a diamond sword. Whoever among you wants to be born in Amitabha's Pure Land, know what that practicing her sadhana is like flying to the pureland riding on the back of the king of birds, the Garuda.

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