Mahayana Motivation

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Mahayana Motivation

Post by BFS » Sun Oct 25, 2009 4:16 pm

"There is one thing that my supreme guru, His Holiness The Gyalwa Karmapa, told me,
which I remember very clearly - and all the time I try to keep this in mind
and be mindful of it. He said, " When you go around and teach people, let them know
that they are the shrine of the Buddha. The Buddha's shrine is within them. Let them know that."

"In Vajrayana Buddhism the most important step of inner maturity is to be a complete mahayanist. If one does not have mahayana motivation, then one cannot be a vajrayanist - cannot and will not be a vajrayanist. It is not ilegal to be a vajrayanist without proper motivation; but one simply won't be a vajrayanist without it; the preconditions are not there. Proper mahayana motivation is the wish to attain enlightenment of the benefit for all sentient beings - to have bodhicitta."

~both quotes by His Eminence Jamgon Tai Situ Rinpoche

"Sprung from the snow mountain of pure intentions and actions
Of myself and all sentient beings without limit,
May the river of accumulated virtue of the threefold purity
Flow into the ocean of the four bodies of the Victorious Ones. "

~Gyalwa Karmapa

Motivation establishes the basis of the entire path.

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