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Dön-pa in Tibetan means chant or liturgical recitation the repetition of texts and practices. This can be performed almost as a monotone or with melody, according to tradition. With dön-pa the words are important and we are paying attention to the words whilst we are chanting them. There are two types of dön-pa: Sutric and Tantric. In Sutric dön-pa it is the meaning of the words which is the focus. In Tantric dön-pa the words are used as a guide to visualisation. The melody is employed in order to give power to the words to animate them.

Dorje Tsig Dun – Seven-Line Song
Hung. Ögyen yul gi nub chang tsam
Hung. Ögyen region northwest limpid clearness-transmutation
Hung. Only in the north west land of Ögyen
Hung. Ögyen, beginningless self-luminous mind, the origin of tantra

Pema késar dongpo la
Lotus heart deep in
Born from a lotus in full bloom
The heart of the lotus is that enlightenment is always self-existent.

Yatsen chögi ngödrüp nyé
Miraculous supreme appearance accomplishment realisation
Having realised marvellous and supreme attainments
Padmasambhava displays realisation of siddhis

Pema jung-né shé-su drag
Lotus born thus who
You are the lotus-born
Thus self-liberation is effortless and spontaneous

Khordu khandro mangpo khor
Circle khandro many surrounded
Surrounded by a kyil’khor of khandros (sky dancers)
Cyclic existence, our natural experience displayed as the elements, spontaneously teach us – we are self-taught in the process of our experience.

Kyé-kyi jésu dagdrüp kyi
Generation completion pure practice your
I commit to following your practice
We realise divisionless wisdom-mind through practice

Ching-gyi lob-chir sheg-su sol
Transmission blessings outwards please give
Please give us your blessings
I receive transmission and recognise my own mind as Padmasambhava

Guru Pema Siddhi Hung
Lama lotus accomplishment Hung
I arise as Padmasambhava

Padmasambhava Mantra
Om A’a: Hung Bendzra Guru Pema Siddhi Hung

Padmasambhava Mandarava Mantra
Om A’a: Hung Bendzra Guru Pema Siddhi Ayu-shé Hung Niri Dza

Yeshé Tsogyel Mantra
Om A’a: Hung Bendzra Guru Jnana Sagara Bam Ha Ri Ni Sa Siddhi Hung:

The Lama’i Naljor of Machig Labdrön
Om Machig ma la solwa deb
Mind Machig Labdrön invoke
Om. I pray to Machig Labdrön
I unify with the white Om at Machig Labdrön’s forehead.

A’a: Machig ma la solwa deb
Speech Machig Labdrön invoke
A’a: I invoke Machig Labdrön
I unify with the red A’a at Machig Labdrön’s throat.

Hung Ma gÇig ma la solwa deb
Body Machig Labdrön invoke
Hung. I invoke Machig Labdrön
I unify with the blue Hung at Machig Labdrön’s heart.

Karpo Om gyi jingyi lob
White – mind transmission
I pray for blessings from the white Om at her forehead
I receive the transmission of the white Om

Marpo A’a: gyi jingyi lob
Red – speech transmission
I pray for blessings from the red A’a at her throat
I receive the transmission of the red A’a

Ngönpo hung gyi jingyi lob
Blue – body transmission
I pray for blessings from the blue Hung at her heart
I receive the transmission of the blue Hung

Ku sung thug gyi jing chen phob
Unification communication awareness descend
Let your great non-dual communication descend
I unify with her enlightened qualities of body, speech and mind

Ma yum chen go phang tob par shog
Great mother realised receive allow
Great Mother please be the means for us receiving transmission of your attainment
I become unified with enlightened qualities of the Great Mother.

I explode the envisionment into wisdom space.

Om A’a: Hung Om A’a: Hung Om A’a: Hung
I repeatedly receive transmission
I repeatedly receive the three lights of transmission through Om A’a: and Hung

Phat: Phat: Phat:
I repeatedly explode the envisionment and instantaneously arise as Machig Labdrön.

All appearances dissolve into the sound of the white A
I remain in the state of Rigpa.

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