Update : Milarepa Boom Tsok at Labchi October 20-30

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Update : Milarepa Boom Tsok at Labchi October 20-30

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Event : Milarepa Boom Tsok(Hundred Thousand Tsok Offering)
Date : October 20-30
Departure from Katmandu :October 11, 12, 13
Return from Labchi : Nov 1, 2, 3
Venue : Lapchi Chora Gephel Ling
Website : http://lapchimilarepadk.org/eng/?p=714" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Travel Group : 4-5 persons
Registration Closing Date : September 10
Journey to Labchi :
Day 1 : Bus from Katmandu to Shingati (7-8 hours)
Day 2 : Walk from Shingati to Jagat (7-8 hours)
Day 3 : Walk from Jagat to Lamabagar (7-8 hours)
Day 4: Walk from Lamabagar to Godavari (7-8 hours)
Day 5: Walk from Godavari to Labchi (7-8 hours)
Day 6: Walk to Labch Chora Gephel Ling Monastery (7-8 hours)

There are 3 kings of the mountains in Tibet and they represent as the Triad Holy Mountains of the Jambudvipa. According to Tibetan Buddhist and Hindus ancient literature, there are Triad Holiest Mountains in the Jambudvipa. These mountains are 1. The Holy Mt. Kailash, 2. Holy Mt. Labchi Kang and 3. The Holy Mt. Tsari (Tragpo Shelkar). These are the core power places or the paramount spiritual mountains not only of Buddhist, but also of the Jambudvipa continent, since both Buddhist and Hindus. The first one representing the 'Kaya' (the body or the brain). The second one the 'waka' (the throat or the speech) of her worldly realm and the third one the 'chitta' (the soul or the compassionate heart). Each of these power places are again subdivide into 8 sections and therefore altogether these are thus called- the 24 most important power places of the Jambudvipa.

http://www.sunnytravel.com.np/holy_mt._labchi_trek.php" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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